dinsdag 24 mei 2016

Mfdf-0020-deep Feet Championship Perfect Feet Part 2 Mfvideofetish

M.FIORITO has once again organized a powerful Deep Feet Championship involving a lot of aggression and humiliation. The new rules are as follows

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Mfdf-0020-uperWCT9mNDzuFC#MFCPFP2M.mp4 (716,73 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!J4UgBQxQ!H2VsiQyqJmFlfvgZkBvRoGNsjcmuATTgurXNc350xVE

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vrijdag 8 januari 2016

Scarlett Vs Jessicami: Humiliate The Cheater Forced Foot Worship Defeated.xxx

Scarlett Vs JessicaMI: Humiliate the Cheater - Forced Foot Worship--Jessica is a famous bondage person in Italy-----I met her on Facebook, and she was defaming me,--telling people around that I---m a bitch, and that was annoying.--When it was too much for me, I decided to do a foot-smother fight with her.--She-s really weak, and I put her under my stinky feet easily-----It was really exciting to have that bitch under my feet-----She was so angry. I saw that in her eyes, when I forced her to smell my stinky feet...--But I forgot she-s really good with ropes, and I don-t know how, she reached to tie me.--She forced me to lick her feet and her pussy--- I was so humiliated, but I had no choice---. I was cheated by her---.--But I found a solution to make her submit with her own rope--------- and she stayed at my feet for the entire evening-----i enjoyed to slap her pussy with my feet---. torture her nipples--- while she was licking my feet--- keep her under my desk---.. and end her with a foot gag... I had my revenge---. fucking bitch-The language is Italian SUB ENG.--Includes:----Foot Fetish --Footsmother Figh --Lesbian--Forced Foot humiliation--Foot Domination --Forced Foot Worship --Forced Cunnilingus --Foot Smother --Foot Gag----------------------------Video Information:

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T8DnhHjoeUbOZS6#SVJHTCFFWD.mp4 (1,30 GB) https://mega.co.nz/#!9oQHXKQa!qQJgVvOYwU9mKvq2wgR0Rb7dJv5qdYqhJYe1FtzmKs8

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maandag 12 oktober 2015

MF-5338-1 Under Cruel Nanda Feet HD

The super top brunette Nanda Cruel uses her full weight to cause much pain in her slave. Nanda is very heavy than little Tati that is suffering a lot. Nanda improves the punishment using flip flops, marking Tati-s skin with deep and red waves in her chests and head as little cracks.

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MF-5338-1-1_8000.mp4 (1.72 GB) https://mega.co.nz/#!oFwECCiL!DSAxIvJhXrvC6-5tFbINbrH2uVVqLt79H8Zdu0_pdi0

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dinsdag 11 augustus 2015

Brazilfeet - Cristine-s First Foot Domination

-br --

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LGJ73uxqPC1zYJv#BF-CFFD.rar (355.88 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!wg8S2JoA!izO63TMemA--FuBUlgUjKHx2ZlAFxbe2w3qCTgCl8xE

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zondag 2 augustus 2015

Triple Foot Domination hd full version Brazilfeet

Mistresses Mariana, Catarina and Alana are chatting and having fun when they decide to call their slave to humiliate even more the poor girl forcing her to worship their sweaty sexy feet. They tell her to worship the soles of their dirty heels before she worships their pretty feet. Then the three hot Dommes rub and shove their feet inside the poor girl---s mouth making Melissa suck their sweaty toes and soles harder. The three hot Mistresses have no mercy for their slave and continue to force their feet inside poor Melissa---s mouth making her worship their feet a lot. The poor slave is humiliated by her Dommes that look very happy seeing the suffer on their slave---s face. They even spit many times on Melissa---s mouth, poor girl- After all the feet licking action they tell to stop and wait for another footjob punishment. Super hot humiliation and feet fetish movie between these three Brazilian beauties and their obedient slave---

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JvAjwK2gjvlru8G#TFDB.wmv (980.66 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!YM1GGQjC!CdPHlQO8Fsld-Tr0XjQGJ16L1aEzfQVZLydCBUsgpFE

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